Exhibiting At Deli Felice

'River Light, Star Light' by Debra Gosling



Works of art inspired by the light.


On the river; in rainy puddles;

in a swimming pool; in the heavens; at a carnival;

in your eyes - and in Prince's Purple Rain.


Artwork to wear on your wrist, or to hang in a window, 

or to reflect in a mirror.


Bracelets are handmade from semi-precious stones, vintage crystal, Swarovski crystals, shell, freshwater pearls, vintage glass pearls, Indian Lampwork glass and novelty plastic.


No two are the same, they are all designs from the vaults of my purple, sparkly brain!


The inspirational photographic prints are by David Toogood.


'Family Medley' by Nigel Pearson



This is an exhibition of works by me and my family. It includes a range of works in different styles including Japanese Calligraphy, foil art, paintings and cartoons.


The Japanese Calligraphy includes a poem and several small pieces with 'Kanji' of animals. I have been studying Japanese calligraphy for several years with my teacher Kashuu san who holds classes in North London.


My mother, Diana provided the works in foil. The name Kaponga is the Maori word for Tree fern - tree sized ferns that grow in the North Island of New Zealand.


My sister Helen took up painting again in order to produce something for the exhibition and came up with 'Still Moment'.


Her husband Grant was inspired by calligraphy and a trip to London to produce 'Letter to London'.


Their children, Hiromi and Maxwell, also very kindly provided their work. Hiromi's 'Cry of the Wolf' and Maxwell's Cartoons detailing the daily life of 'Crankin the Squirrel'.