Exhibiting At Deli Felice

In loving memory of John F. Whitney


John was born in Rotherhithe in 1937, the eldest son of a docker and professional table tennis player. His mother was a devoted housewife and proud loving mum of three boys.

John attended St. James school and Creadon Road before joining H.A. Oliver Barge Yard as an apprentice barge builder. John also served in the army from 1956 as part of his national service.

John always enjoyed painting as a hobby, his preferred medium was oil although he produced work in both watercolours and acrylics. His passion was landscapes and still life, the latter being flowers and plants.

John’s inspiration came from his worldly travels especially his love of the countryside around Geneva, Switzerland and across France which is expressed in mountain views and panoramic landscapes. John also exhibited some of his work at the Southwark Park Gallery.


Exhibiting until 27th January 



Room Full Of Mirrors by Steven Cummings


I used to live in a room full of mirrors and all I could see was me, so I took my paint brush and I crashed my mirrors, now i'm here for the whole wide world to see.

Adapted Jimi Hendrix


Art; a reflection, an encapsulation, a preservation of an experience, a vision, a consciousness and here is my mine.

Tales of passions,

Tales of freedom,

Tales of tales.


Steven Cummings


Exhibiting until 27th January