Exhibiting At Deli Felice

Footprint by Natalie Webb


 A trees beauty grows as it ages. It's texture, wrinkles and curves increase it's attraction, becoming signs of strength.

Why do humans see their own bodies in such different context? We try to delay signs of ageing, in the pursuit of smooth flawless skin, craving perfection. 

The trees in this artwork have been left flawless and smooth; do they become more beautiful? 

I found myself seeing faces and human forms within the trees I sketched imaging each tree has it's own personality while sketching and researching this artwork. I formed respect for each tree.  




29th May - 21st July


Open evening Friday 15th June 5-8 pm



Behind the Curtain by Judith Walker


The exhibition consists of 10 digital prints on German rag paper. The prints contain details of an immersive installation Behind the curtain I 2014. It takes the form of a spray painted canvas hung in her studio in the manner of a curtain. The installation was inspired by Judith's childhood memories of playing hide and seek behind the curtain - of being in a place where it is possible to experience the contrasts of the cold dark night outside and the warmth of the living room and protective adults. This installation can be seen by appointment at Judith's studio in Deptford.


This is another chance to see this series of prints. Come along and have a glass of wine and hear Mark Say read his short story "Colour Between the Folds".







29th May - 21st July


Open evening Friday 15th June 5-8 pm