Exhibiting At Deli Felice

Animal Portraits By Gloria Bryant


I have lived in Essex all of my life and from an early age developed a deep love of all animals. As the years have passed the number and variety of pets has increased, to include horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and tortoises, plus birds and fish.

I still ride my elderly horses and my dog keep me busy doing agility.

After animals my next love is drawing them and I mostly do commissions of people's pets. I ask for as many details of the animal's character as possible in order to accurately portray that pet as I feel it is of the utmost importance to get that right.


For information and prices I can be contacted either by phone or email.

Email: gbryant@talktalk.net 

Mobile: 07976 524031


Bede Believing in Community


Bede has always believed in the value of bringing people together of different backgrounds and circumstances to find common interests. In this way, new opportunities are created for those who have fewest. Today these values are expressed in Bede’s programmes for adults who have a learning disability, our visits to our elderly neighbours, and our support for people experiencing domestic violence and abuse. Bede’s youth clubs continue to serve young people aged 8 to 19, and our many volunteering opportunities enable individuals to serve their community. Nearly all of these superb photographs from Bede’s archives where taken by residents including distinguished photographer, Tony Othen. More examples, and stories behind the photos, can be found in Kevin Ireland’s lovingly compiled photographic record Bede House Association – The First 75 Years. This can be ordered from www.blurb.co.uk (search for Bede House Association). 

Now in its 80th year, Bede is needed as much as ever. Our neighbourhood is becoming more prosperous, yet 38% of children are still growing up in poverty. The challenge is to build communities where everyone can thrive. Soon we will have a new focus for our work. When it opens in 2021/22, the New Bede Centre will be just a few yards from our existing Bede Centre. However, we will need the support of local people, just as when Bede House began in 1938. If you’d like to find out more, please go to www.bedehouse.org or call us on 020 7237 3881