Exhibiting At Deli Felice

Portraits by Kim Flame


I use a palette ranging from pastel to florescent so that there is a shift in how the paintings look in relation to the light that passes over them, even in low light there is something to catch the eye.


If you would like to know anything else... please, feel free to ask me.


I hope you enjoy what you see.

'On Site Soon' by Katie Page


This is my final collection from my BTEC level 3 Extended Diploma in fashion design at Lewisham College.


The work is influeced by:

  • Russian Constructivists and the Bauhaus
  • Lubetkin who designed the Cranbrook Estate in Bethnal Green and the Penguin Pool at London Zoo
  • 1960s fashions/Mod Revival 
  • Working in housing and construction with architects redesigning London looking at building magazines
  • Living here and watching the docklands being built

My favourite fashion designers:

Paco Rabanne (his experimental dresses in silver and gold)

Alexandra Exter (Russian Costume Designer)


Future Work  

To continue designing more raincoats 

Designing and making iconic London hats

Upcycling denim jackets